Sometimes we dream dreams for a lifetime.... 

Glimmers of roads we want to take, things we want to do, 

Stay latent, hidden beneath the surface until they burst forth.

Sometimes it may be a mighty explosion, or tiny bubbles.

 More often.... a tiny trickle from a place far away and

Beneath the burden of other things till suddenly...

You find yourself re-inventing yourself ---again.

This is called -----


Come dream with me...



Les Miserables.... 

"There is a castle on a cloud,
I like to go there in my sleep,
Aren't any floors for me to sweep,
Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a room that's full of toys,
There are a hundred boys and girls,
Nobody shouts or talks too
Not in my castle on a cloud. "

What is heaven to you?   When you are suffering, what is it that you need to make you better?  We aren't ever promised that life will be fair, or that  we won't have to suffer. 

There is a lady all in white,
Holds me and sings a lullaby,
She's nice to see and she's soft to touch,
She says "Cosette, I love you very much."

What is heaven to you?  Home?  Someone who loves you?  Someone or someplace that holds and comforts you?

I know a place where no one's lost,
I know a place where no one cries,
Crying at all is not allowed,
Not in my castle on a cloud.

Heaven.  A dream, a hope... a promise.

  Jesus said, " Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. " John 14: 2-3   

 And he will wipe away all tears-  Revelations 21:4 ----- In Heaven.


Needing Help

Lots of dire warnings today.  Ice, wind, snow, no electicity, no groceries..  GET READY!  Seems like everyday there is something new to make us do a lot of work, jump through hoops, and just plain worry about...  But on the other hand... help calls.  I mean,  the phone rings,  and someone says... "I'm there for you, I love you. "   Are you prepared today?  Are you ready?  Have you called and offered help. ---   BTW... Thank you for loving me, and caring about me.  I love you to.  :)


Facing the Fire

Yummm,… sitting down to lunch with you, and a plate of Spanish Stewed Beef on Noodles. (I finally figured out how to make it sans tomato. YAY!!! )  In my mind today, I am harking back to my grandmother's kitchen. Mary Etta Faulkner Horton could feed an army at any meal on any day. A great cook, even if it seemed like simple food. It was all amazing. I think she always cooked so much, because from depression times till the the seventies, she often had many people at her table. Neighbors, extended family, passersby, many - in need; Richard and Etta, always welcomed anyone and everyone to their table. They worked as hard to raise and farm that food, as they worked to generously provide the hospitality and meet the need.

Etta at her stove was a wonder to behold. So many pots, pans, and skillets were cooking on the top and in the oven of that wood stove, with no concern for how the fire would burn her face, or age her before her time. The fire was being stoked; pots stirred and juggled for space, the whole cook top, hot and productive, the oven filled with warming or baking. I think maybe that is where we learned it ... Bessie and I - To think about so many things, and manage so many things at once.

We were never rich people, when compared to the rich. We've never been poor, when compared to actually poor people. But we have always in our juggling of responsibility, love and creativity, been blessed at every turn of the road and lift of the hand. Whether it was in the joy of the depths of the painting, the lift of the song, the turn of the tale or the long road of adventure, there was so much blessing in each encounter.

Yes my friend, I know you think I keep a lot juggling on my stove, and nothing stays on the back burner long, but if it means that I enjoy this lunch with you, Etta, and Bessie... it is worth every moment facing the fire.


So this year I wrote this below about Christmas Day...


Hope - was born this day!  Without Christmas we are in a world without answers to the darkness that invades our lives invoking only more hatred. Without Christmas we wander in a world without hope. The Incarnation is a mystery. But it provides us with joy and hope for the future...

And Yesterday... This happened....

I was at work, and one of my co-workers was relating a story told her just moments before by a "customer'.

She said, "She just started talking telling me this story, using her hands to interpret...

"I, we, are from Vietnam. We come here. I was in Vietnam. On the street. So hungry. No food, No bread. There were Vietcong. They beat us. [Hands elaborate]. We not have food. Go on street, look for something eat. The Vietcong...They beat us. [Hands elaborate]. So frightened. So hungry. We not know anyway. The Vietcong they still beat us. They take my friend, twenty years for begging for food. When he come out he [Cut throat - hands elaborate]. I so afraid. I look in sky and pray to Budha. Nothing happen. I so afraid. I think, maybe pray to Yeshua. I look in sky and pray Yeshua, [Hebrew name for Jesus] help me. I look in sky, see face, crying, tears [Hands elaborate] falling down face. I look at face, I start to walk. I walk and walk, and come here. I want to build a statue to Yeshua".

Hope.  The power of the Incarnate Christ brings us hope in the darkest times, filling our hearts with peace, joy....and hope.




Sooooo..... Maybe NOT SO HOT??? - Global Warming data errors - Why the rush to give us data covering 2% of the earth? Why the rush to give us data so fast that.... it changes when all the data comes in? Who would trust this kind of source for data analysis?- But then a partial degree from the HOTEST is still ... HOT. Article






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Early and Exagerated Rumors of Demise...

So... The JEEP was dying, or trying to anyway. Early in the morning on Tuesday I ventured out in the frigid air trying to get to answers. The jeep choked and coughed and crawled to the repair shop.

The highly reccommended and "honest" mechanic/owner checked out the vehicle. I told him, "When it is cold, it just will hardly go, and will get real hot, but IF I get it up to speed AND turn on the heat... the temperature goes down... Can you tell me how much to fix it?"

"I'm sorry Maam, I just can't in good conscience take your money. There is a cracked block or a leaking seal, and the car is definitely dying. If I were you, I wouldn't drive it another mile, and if you do, don't put more than 5 or 10 dollars in it - but I can't take your money for repairs that won't help you. I did a block test on it, and you better be finding a way to get new transportation."

Fearing the worst, sad and confused, I left. I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday going over the books and accounts trying to figure out what I would do without to find a way to have transportation. But I just felt like there had to be another way, so...

This morning I braved the drive to Charlotte to go the my old mechanic.

It would barely run, but I was praying hard as I got it up to speed, turned on the heat and sure enough, the temperature went down.

So it was with great relief that I got to the shop.... I was in the shop for 20 minutes while I waited for them to check it out, then, -----

"No charge, it's all better."

I felt so good - I went ahead and got it inspected - since it is overdue... and it passed.

You see, I think they were both honest men. But one saw my real need. That all my life and income is dependent on getting to work - today!

That is the thing about truly caring and loving our neighbors. We must see their needs, ahead of our own need, even if it is our need to BE good. It is about them, not us.

The other man - not sure what he did, or if it will last - KNOWS I don't have many options out there. Yes, I'm sure at least half of you readers out there are ready to tell me why it was an easy fix, and how it probably isn't long till - yes - it will die. But it did not die today and apparently is going to live to die another day!

Yes I'm sceptical, but I sure did enjoy the ride home humming...." Someone saved my life tonight..."

Self Publishing...?

12/19/2012 1:00 p.m.

Last Friday, it seemed I was receiving minute by minute updates on my phone regarding the evils taking place at Sandy Hook. I felt like I was on the curb watching everything.... And then the debates started, whoever wanted a share of the press feeding frenzy - jumped in.

Not so many years back we might never have heard such news, unless it was in a community very near our own homes. Certainly not the evils in The Congo, or Pakistan, or N. Korea, London or Australia, or a small town in far away Connecticut.

It is so true that these days we literally bear the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Pray for peace, Live peacefully, Love your family, friends and neighbors. The world may be becoming more Evil, and it is certainly MORE PRESENT.

Let us look at our Hope and the Incarnation to lift our thoughts. "And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.


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